Product Functionality

What is Gli Gli Super Sparkle Booster Gel and How Does it Work?

The Gli Gli Super Sparkle Booster Gel is a teeth whitening product designed to enhance the brightness of your smile. It is used as part of the Gli Gli teeth whitening system, often in conjunction with an LED Whitening Device.

The Super Sparkle Booster Gel typically contains whitening agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which act as bleaching agents to remove stains from the surface of the teeth. When applied to the teeth, these agents release oxygen molecules that break up the bonds holding together staining compounds within the tooth enamel.

How does LED Whitening Device work?

The LED Whitening Device works by emitting a blue light that accelerates the whitening process when used in conjunction with a whitening gel. The light helps to activate the ingredients in the gel, allowing them to penetrate the enamel and lift stains more effectively.

What is the main purpose or function of Remineralization Pen?

The primary function of the Remineralization Pen is to help replenish minerals in the teeth, strengthen the enamel, and reduce sensitivity after teeth whitening treatments.

How does Sparkle Booster Gel address specific oral care needs?

Sparkle Booster Gel is designed to enhance tooth brightness and remove stains. It is typically formulated with ingredients that help to break down and lift stains from the surface of the teeth, contributing to a whiter and more radiant smile.

Key Features and Benefits

What are the key features of LED Whitening Device?

Key features of an LED Whitening Device usually include a powerful LED light for maximum activation of whitening gel, a comfortable mouth tray design, and often a timer for convenience and safety.

How is Sparkle Booster Gel different from other similar products in the market?

Sparkle Booster Gel might stand out due to its unique formulation, ease of application, effectiveness in removing stains, and possibly the inclusion of ingredients that care for tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Usage and Application

How many times can I use for one Teeth Whitening Kit?

One Teeth Whitening Kit can be use 10-15 times/days (depends on your usage).

Once per day, around 30 minutes each time.

And the result can be seen after 5-10 days.

Will I feel pain during the process?

There might have a chance that the user feels pain if their teeth are sensitive to the gel.

That’s why we included a Remineralization Pen in our kit. Users can prevent sensitive or pain by applying Remineralization Pen on the teeth before using the teeth whitening gel.

How do I use LED Whitening Device effectively?

To use the LED Whitening Device effectively, follow the manufacturer's instructions, which typically involve applying a whitening gel to the mouth tray, placing the tray in your mouth, and activating the LED light for a specified period.

Are the results of LED Whitening Devices long-lasting or temporary?

The results can vary; however, LED Whitening Devices often provide long-lasting results that can be maintained with regular use and proper oral hygiene. Periodic touch-ups may be necessary.

Target Users and Limitations

Can Super Sparkle Booster Kit be used by everyone?

While many people can use teeth whitening kits, they may not be suitable for everyone. It is advisable to read the product's instructions and warnings or consult a dental professional before use.

Are there any age restrictions or limitations for using Super Sparkle Booster Kit?

Age restrictions typically apply to teeth whitening products, often recommended for adults and not suitable for children or teenagers without dental supervision.

Are there any contraindications or specific conditions where Super Sparkle Booster Kit should not be used?

Contraindications might include pregnancy, breastfeeding, dental braces, gum diseases, worn enamel, cavities, and allergies to ingredients. Always check the product label or consult a dentist.

Warranty and Return Policy

What is the warranty coverage for your products?

Check the product documentation or contact customer service for exact information.

What is the return policy for your products if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Typically, there will be a satisfaction guarantee period during which you can return the product, subject to terms and conditions.

How can I initiate a return or claim warranty for your product?

To initiate a return or claim a warranty, you would usually need to contact our customer service, provide proof of purchase, and follow their instructions to proceed with the claim or return.


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